Post Two: Meetings with the Princes Trust

Business plan

Hey! So I have been having meetings with Liz at the Princes Trust in Nottingham to help with creating my business plan. I have been working on my plan for the past couple of months now and I have found it quite daunting doing it on my own. But! Now that I have Liz I can send my plan back and forth to her and, due to her expert knowledge of business plans, she has given me lots of tips on what to include.

I have almost finished now and I am just looking over my costing, budget and pricing of products. Hopefully my plan will be ready by the beginning of June so that I can present my plan to the Princes Trust Panel Members. Eeek! Once I have gone to “panel” I will then be presented with a Business Mentor who I can talk to about my plans, give me advice and expert ideas on what I can do to grow my business.

I am really looking forward to having a finished product line and starting to sell my work!

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