Post Twelve: Stockists and Galleries

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I am trying to find little independent shops and galleries around the UK to stock my handmade and lovingly crafted embroidery hoops. I have enquired at a few shops about stocking my items but I haven’t had any luck as of yet. I am quite a scaredy cat wen it comes to promoting and getting my work out there…. so I need to work on that.

I have been reading online articles and blogs about how to get your work into stores. I initially wanted to introduce myself online and create a relationship with retailers that way… however it seems best way of doing it is to go into the store of your choosing and show them your products. If you want to read more here is a blog post on the telegraph by Jeremy Carson, founder of 100bodycare.

I think it is all about being confident in your own product and hoping that other people see this too…

I will keep you updated on what progress I make with getting my work into shops.

nat x

Post four: Progress report, business plans, Instagram

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Hello there dearie!

Last week I received my new sewing machine and it is a beast of a thing. After a lot of deliberation and having to review my budget several times I decided to go for a Bernina 1008 with free extension table and embroidery foot. Definitely worth spending a big chunk of my savings on.
With my new sewing machine in tow, this week I have completed (well I might add a few more bits to it, maybe even glow in the dark thread!) my first large scale commission and I absolutely adore it. As you may know I am sort of obsessed with sea creatures at the moment (it seems a lot of people are actually if WIP_jellyfishInstagram is anything to go by) and this piece is of a Pelagia Noctiluca jellyfish. I need to work out the best way to stretch it over a frame and finish it off so that it can hang in my Dad’s office but other than that I am super happy with the finished article, I will put some pictures up in my gallery soon.

Planning, Planning, Planning. So it looks like I am on my way to completing my business plan to present to the Princes Trust Panel in June, which I am nervous and also excited about. Gives me like 4 weeks to show them some finished pieces. Ahhh! I am thinking that I will show them my designs and then make some plain white mock ups of the accessories I plan to make with them to take with me. Just because I am too scared that I will butcher my originals… and I kinda want them to hang on my wall in my studio… (how selfish)

Since I started Instagram like 4 weeks ago I have gained 76 followers, which I think is pretty good really. I am still a bit unsure as to how to promote myself on there… but I will get there in the end! If you have instagram you can check out my behind the scenes action shots on there.


Post Two: Meetings with the Princes Trust

Business plan

Hey! So I have been having meetings with Liz at the Princes Trust in Nottingham to help with creating my business plan. I have been working on my plan for the past couple of months now and I have found it quite daunting doing it on my own. But! Now that I have Liz I can send my plan back and forth to her and, due to her expert knowledge of business plans, she has given me lots of tips on what to include.

I have almost finished now and I am just looking over my costing, budget and pricing of products. Hopefully my plan will be ready by the beginning of June so that I can present my plan to the Princes Trust Panel Members. Eeek! Once I have gone to “panel” I will then be presented with a Business Mentor who I can talk to about my plans, give me advice and expert ideas on what I can do to grow my business.

I am really looking forward to having a finished product line and starting to sell my work!