Post Twelve: Stockists and Galleries

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I am trying to find little independent shops and galleries around the UK to stock my handmade and lovingly crafted embroidery hoops. I have enquired at a few shops about stocking my items but I haven’t had any luck as of yet. I am quite a scaredy cat wen it comes to promoting and getting my work out there…. so I need to work on that.

I have been reading online articles and blogs about how to get your work into stores. I initially wanted to introduce myself online and create a relationship with retailers that way… however it seems best way of doing it is to go into the store of your choosing and show them your products. If you want to read more here is a blog post on the telegraph by Jeremy Carson, founder of 100bodycare.

I think it is all about being confident in your own product and hoping that other people see this too…

I will keep you updated on what progress I make with getting my work into shops.

nat x

Post Ten: What is inspiring me


I really love instagram as a form of microblog and I love it when I find pieces of work that I have seen on insta in real life. The other day my boyfriend and I were walking through Nottingham when we decided to visit this absolutely gorgeous shop in Hockley. I mean you would kinda walk straight past it if you didn’t realise it was a shop. It’s a lovely huge door and a small window with a wooden sign over it saying, Debbie Bryan.

I would love to have my work featured in her shop some day.

When we were in there I recognised an artist’s work who I follow on Instagram. Katie Almond is her name and she makes the most enchanting pieces of ceramics. Her jugs are quirky and not at all perfectly thrown on a wheel which makes each piece slightly different and unique.

Check out her facebook page here 

Post eight: moving house, finding memories, inspiration 


ok so it’s nearly moving day and I’m excited, nervous and tired.

I have been packing up my room and found my old memory box under my bed. There wasn’t much in there except a few birthday cards and my old dancing medals (which I took about an hour sorting out and looking at and being nostalgic over).

I have lived at my old house for my entire life, except for a few years when I was at university but still I’d go back for the holidays and stuff. It’s crazy.

The house we are moving to is my grandparents house and it’s beautiful. It’s big, it’s bright and there is a huge garden so I’m pretty excited. It’s only about 10 minutes walk from my studio and like 30 minutes walk to my boyfriends so it’s a much better location but I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to shake this feeling of nostalgia.

Anyway, I really need to finish off packing the rest of my room! See you! x

Post Seven: When I am not sewing…

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…I am reading or watching netflix… (which is my new obsession! Have you seen Orange is the new Black? ohBooks em gee absolute genius).

Where I am in Nottingham, there are like a billion charity shops and there is one that I particularly that like to go to. Why is it so good? Because they have the best selection books.

Back in Febuary I had a little mini breakdown as I hadn’t read anything in about 3 months due to quitting my job, being busy with the event I was organising and feeling guilty whenever I did something for myself which didn’t involve emails or fabric. So I went down there, thinking that it is time I took myself out of reality and I spent ¬£10 on books.

Normally I am pretty good at devouring books but I have only managed to get through one so far; Red House by Mark Haddon. I love the way this guy writes, he keeps you on edge and envelopes you in the characters train of thought which sometimes makes you a feel little uneasy. Imagine if you had the ability to read peoples thoughts… Anyway, I only have a few more pages left so I think I am going to go and find a comfy corner and a cup of tea!

Bye for now!

Post Six: Starting a life long quilt

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I have been thinking for ages that I want to create a big beautiful modern crazy quilt that will last forever and be so beautiful it will be passed through the generations… then I remember how much time it takes and back out. Now I think I am finally going to start it. Why not hey, I have the time! I could do a little bit everyday after I have finished my work so that I am still sewing and creating and motivating myself to get better at sewing. Now all I need to do is think of a design and start making templates and saving scraps and and and…