Post Nine: Orders in!


Hello everyone, so I have finally opened my website and I have had a flurry of orders because of it. This cosmo crab freehand embroideryweek I worked on a Turquoise and Purple Crab for a lovely lady. Hopefully it arrives sometime today… It is always quite scary sending something off through snail mail. What if it gets lost or stolen! I am sure it will be fine but I still get pretty nervous.
Yesterday I worked on something completely different; an owl! I was a little bit skeptical of how it was working out at first… but the end result is something I am really proud of. I used some fabric that my friend had originally given to me to make her a dress but I never got around to it and I didn’t get her measurements ha! I will get to it soon enough. I then layered the fabric with some of my own brown spotted fabric. I didn’t draw onto the fabric this time as I was using quite light threads so it would show up. I need one of those cool dissolving pens that wear off… Even though I didn’t use anything to outline the detail I think it came out quite nicely.owl embroidery freehand map

I also have another order but its not due until Christmas. This one is also a special one off and will tell you what it is after it has been given as a present. So… it won’t be until January when you will be able to see it. Ha!

I am always open to doing something new. If you are wanting something commissioned for you then it is £50 for a 12″ hoop, £33 for a 8″ hoop, £15 for a 4″ hoop.