Post Seven: When I am not sewing…

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…I am reading or watching netflix… (which is my new obsession! Have you seen Orange is the new Black? ohBooks em gee absolute genius).

Where I am in Nottingham, there are like a billion charity shops and there is one that I particularly that like to go to. Why is it so good? Because they have the best selection books.

Back in Febuary I had a little mini breakdown as I hadn’t read anything in about 3 months due to quitting my job, being busy with the event I was organising and feeling guilty whenever I did something for myself which didn’t involve emails or fabric. So I went down there, thinking that it is time I took myself out of reality and I spent £10 on books.

Normally I am pretty good at devouring books but I have only managed to get through one so far; Red House by Mark Haddon. I love the way this guy writes, he keeps you on edge and envelopes you in the characters train of thought which sometimes makes you a feel little uneasy. Imagine if you had the ability to read peoples thoughts… Anyway, I only have a few more pages left so I think I am going to go and find a comfy corner and a cup of tea!

Bye for now!