Post Eleven: Folksy

Sewing, Thoughts

Recently I decided to start a Folksy Page which will have all of my pieces up for sale. I chose to  upload my pieces to Folksy as it was straight forward and easy to set up a page. I also liked the fact that it is British and Craft orientated and so I fit right in. Most of my work is inspired recently has been inspired by British animals and wildlife.  Which you can see from my products if you check them out on Folksy or on my shop page on my website.Medium hedgehog I have been favourited by 1 person in the first week of having my store open on there so that’s promising. Hopefully I will get a few sales from there but I am not expecting a land slide of orders. It would be amazing to get a few orders through before christmas though.

I will let you know how it goes.

Peace out