Post four: Progress report, business plans, Instagram

Business plan, Sewing, Social Media

Hello there dearie!

Last week I received my new sewing machine and it is a beast of a thing. After a lot of deliberation and having to review my budget several times I decided to go for a Bernina 1008 with free extension table and embroidery foot. Definitely worth spending a big chunk of my savings on.
With my new sewing machine in tow, this week I have completed (well I might add a few more bits to it, maybe even glow in the dark thread!) my first large scale commission and I absolutely adore it. As you may know I am sort of obsessed with sea creatures at the moment (it seems a lot of people are actually if WIP_jellyfishInstagram is anything to go by) and this piece is of a Pelagia Noctiluca jellyfish. I need to work out the best way to stretch it over a frame and finish it off so that it can hang in my Dad’s office but other than that I am super happy with the finished article, I will put some pictures up in my gallery soon.

Planning, Planning, Planning. So it looks like I am on my way to completing my business plan to present to the Princes Trust Panel in June, which I am nervous and also excited about. Gives me like 4 weeks to show them some finished pieces. Ahhh! I am thinking that I will show them my designs and then make some plain white mock ups of the accessories I plan to make with them to take with me. Just because I am too scared that I will butcher my originals… and I kinda want them to hang on my wall in my studio… (how selfish)

Since I started Instagram like 4 weeks ago I have gained 76 followers, which I think is pretty good really. I am still a bit unsure as to how to promote myself on there… but I will get there in the end! If you have instagram you can check out my behind the scenes action shots on there.


Post three: Instagram, Pinterest, Mollie Makes

Social Media

Woah! So I started my instagram account on 21st April 2015 and I have had loads of followers so far! It has been really encouraging.
So many talented artists and illustrators have liked my pictures and I can hardly believe they like my work! haha! Anyway, if you also have Instagram you could check out my pictures and give me a follow if you like.

Also recently I have added a board to my personal Pinterest page for the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2015. I have entered the Youth award which is for 18 to 25 year olds who haven’t yet established a business (which is me, right!? I only turn 24 in June so I’m still a youth!) and if you win there is an awesome prize of:

  • Mentoring from Lisa Comfort at Sew Over It, London or via a Skype chat
  • a day of learning at the Etsy UK office in London.
  • PLUS a super-exclusive gift box of Instagram swag – worth £200!

Recently I got a notification to say that Mollie Makes is following my board (squeeee) so at least I now know I entered the competition correctly, hey!
The finalists of the awards are invited to a day in London in June and in 2014 it looked like loads of fun even if you didn’t win anything!

This is the first thing I have entered my work in so far and even though I probably won’t get into the final it is a really great experience for me to get my work out there.