Post Eleven: Folksy

Sewing, Thoughts

Recently I decided to start a Folksy Page which will have all of my pieces up for sale. I chose to  upload my pieces to Folksy as it was straight forward and easy to set up a page. I also liked the fact that it is British and Craft orientated and so I fit right in. Most of my work is inspired recently has been inspired by British animals and wildlife.  Which you can see from my products if you check them out on Folksy or on my shop page on my website.Medium hedgehog I have been favourited by 1 person in the first week of having my store open on there so that’s promising. Hopefully I will get a few sales from there but I am not expecting a land slide of orders. It would be amazing to get a few orders through before christmas though.

I will let you know how it goes.

Peace out

Post Five: Something different


So it was my friends birthday the other day and I decided to make her a little framed flower as a present. I was inspired by the Liberty Book of Home Sewing which I found on a shelf at my boyfriend’s parents house. In there it talked about how a long time ago people would cut out the flowers from worn out Flower_frameBatiked indian fabric and sew them onto newer fabric; giving it a new lease of life. Now, I don’t have any old worn out indian fabric but I did find some nice patterned fabric in my scraps, so I up-cycled them. I used a cream thread to complement the background and highlight certain areas on the flower. Next time  I might use a couple different colours to bring out the definition in the leaves and petals.

I hadn’t really thought of doing this before and it was super easy and came out really nicely. I am impressed.

Post three: Instagram, Pinterest, Mollie Makes

Social Media

Woah! So I started my instagram account on 21st April 2015 and I have had loads of followers so far! It has been really encouraging.
So many talented artists and illustrators have liked my pictures and I can hardly believe they like my work! haha! Anyway, if you also have Instagram you could check out my pictures and give me a follow if you like.

Also recently I have added a board to my personal Pinterest page for the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2015. I have entered the Youth award which is for 18 to 25 year olds who haven’t yet established a business (which is me, right!? I only turn 24 in June so I’m still a youth!) and if you win there is an awesome prize of:

  • Mentoring from Lisa Comfort at Sew Over It, London or via a Skype chat
  • a day of learning at the Etsy UK office in London.
  • PLUS a super-exclusive gift box of Instagram swag – worth £200!

Recently I got a notification to say that Mollie Makes is following my board (squeeee) so at least I now know I entered the competition correctly, hey!
The finalists of the awards are invited to a day in London in June and in 2014 it looked like loads of fun even if you didn’t win anything!

This is the first thing I have entered my work in so far and even though I probably won’t get into the final it is a really great experience for me to get my work out there.

Post one: New website and social media


I have been working on my website for about a week now and it is slowly but surely coming together. I got a bit stuck trying to make my logo fit in the designated area and making it look sharp and neat like I wanted it to.

I have finally created one social media outlet for my business and that is in the form of an instagram account, I am slightly addicted I have to say. There are so many gorgeous crafters and makers and doers that I can hardly keep up. I am in awe of some of the artists, I keep comparing my work to theirs which I know I shouldn’t do but it is so easy to fall into that mindset. Anyway, I am super enjoying instagram at the minute so if you want to check me out on there then click here