Post Six: Starting a life long quilt

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I have been thinking for ages that I want to create a big beautiful modern crazy quilt that will last forever and be so beautiful it will be passed through the generations… then I remember how much time it takes and back out. Now I think I am finally going to start it. Why not hey, I have the time! I could do a little bit everyday after I have finished my work so that I am still sewing and creating and motivating myself to get better at sewing. Now all I need to do is think of a design and start making templates and saving scraps and and and…

Post Five: Something different


So it was my friends birthday the other day and I decided to make her a little framed flower as a present. I was inspired by the Liberty Book of Home Sewing which I found on a shelf at my boyfriend’s parents house. In there it talked about how a long time ago people would cut out the flowers from worn out Flower_frameBatiked indian fabric and sew them onto newer fabric; giving it a new lease of life. Now, I don’t have any old worn out indian fabric but I did find some nice patterned fabric in my scraps, so I up-cycled them. I used a cream thread to complement the background and highlight certain areas on the flower. Next time  I might use a couple different colours to bring out the definition in the leaves and petals.

I hadn’t really thought of doing this before and it was super easy and came out really nicely. I am impressed.