Dark Peacock Red Crab – Freehand Machine Embroidery Hoop Art


I am a Cancer and I guess that means I am drawn to crabs? Who knows. Each time I look at the circus of crabs I have created I think “Crabs are so weird, they have like 10 extremities… Who needs that many?” Well obviously these dudes.

All of my creations are completely original designs and original concepts, who has a crab hanging on their walls? Not many people I’d think, but you could. That’s why they would be such an awesome talking point at your next house party.

This Crab (lets call him Pierre) is ready to hang, you just need a nail or a hook to pop through the screw. If you want to you could find some fancy ribbon and tie it through and hang from that.

The beautiful accent fabric on this Crab is Liberty of London Peacock pattern and the rest is strong cotton. It is then fixed to the hoop with a bit of extra strong glue and finished off with some ribbon.

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Dimensions .5 × 8 × 8 in

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